Malta Individual Investor Programme

Upon completing the thorough Due Diligence of the IIP, Maltese citizenship is held for perpetuity and can be inherited from parent to child for generations to come.


The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) offers a unique gateway to obtaining Citizenship in Malta and enjoying the benefits of Malta, as well as access to Europe. Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is a member of the Schengen Area since 2007.

The IIP serves individuals who have a reputable character, a traceable and clear source of funds, impeccable criminal record and who can meet the thorough due diligence process of the Malta IIP. Maintaining the integrity of the economic citizenship programmes is mandatory therefore we are committed to working exclusively with the right clients and only with local experts, licensed developers, counsel and agents.

Malta – A Thriving Nation

Malta has an excellent socioeconomic environment, a robust legal framework and enjoys political and financial stability. It also has an attractive tax system and is very supportive of investors, business owners and start-ups. Malta acts as a gateway to Europe and allows the investor to build a better future for his/her family. The investor can include dependent family members on the application subject to them meeting the relevant critieria.

Furthermore, Maltese Citizenship holders are not required to relocate to Malta though many do, whilst others opt to relocate to a European Union member state instead. The IIP is targeted to reputable, business entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking global mobility and a brighter future for generations to come.

Maltese Government’s National Development and Social Fund (main applicant)

In Malta’ Government Bonds or other bonds/ securities that are listed on the Malta Stock Exchange

Purchase property and hold for a minimum of 5 years, OR

Lease a property for EUR 16,000 per annum for a minimum of 5 years80,000
Health Insurance
The applicant must have global cover with no exclusions worth EUR 50,000 per family member

Find out more about the criteria for eligibility, steps involved and fees to apply for the Maltese Individual Investor Programme below. For a confidential consultation please get in touch at

Malta Investor Programme Individual

Malta Citizenship Criteria

Undertaking a thorough due diligence process is paramount to upholding the integrity of the Malta Individual Investor Programme, and to the Investment Migration industry on the whole. Therefore, AXESA ascertain that the local estate agents, lawyers and agents we collaborate with undertake a thorough assessment of each applicant’s case. Undergoing a rigorous due diligence is … Continue reading Malta Citizenship Criteria

Malta Investor Programme Individual

Application & Fees

The Maltese Individual Investor Programme is one of the most attractive in Europe. The majority of applications take about 12 months to be processed. During the application process the applicant must obtain effective residence in Malta. AXESA is committed to hand-holding each of our clients in all aspects of their application from initial consultations, liaising … Continue reading Application & Fees