Malta Individual Investor Programme

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP) offers a unique gateway to Europe by obtaining Citizenship in Malta. Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is a member of the Schengen Area since 2007.

Malta – A Thriving Nation

Once vetted through the IIP due diligence, Maltese citizenship is granted and may be held for perpetuity and inherited from parent to child for generations to come.


Benefits of Maltese Citizenship

Malta has an excellent socioeconomic environment, a robust legal framework and enjoys political and financial stability. It also has an attractive tax system and is very supportive of investors, business owners and start-ups.

Benefits of Maltese Citizenship include;

1. citizenship of a reputable EU country with a stringent due diligence system;

2. visa-free travel to 182 destinations including the EU;

3. the right to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries;

4. the right to engage in cross-border business (goods/services/transactions) throughout the EU;

5. reduced (up to 65%) university fees at European universities;

6. a lucrative real estate market (substantial appreciation trend) to own a second home in.

Malta is a gateway to Europe. Qualifying for its citizenship offers more than a passport, it is a safeguard and legacy for generations to come.

Find out below, the requirements for eligiblity of the MIIP or click the button for a breakdown of the Malta IIP Fees.

Are you Eligible?

The Malta IIP is suited for individuals who have:

1. a reputable character;

2. a traceable and clear source of funds;

3. an impeccable criminal record; and

4. are duly vetted by the Malta IIP due diligence process.

Maintaining the integrity of the investment migration industry is of paramount importance to us, hence we work exclusively with clients that align with our ethos. To learn more about our Client profile click here.

Malta IIP Requirements

EUR 650,000 non-Refundable Contribution to Malta’s National Development & Social Fund

EUR 150,000 government bonds/Malta Stock Exchange listed securities to be held for 5 Years;

PLUS Invest in Either property option below

A. EUR 350,000 investment in Maltese Real Estate for 5 Years; or

B. EUR 80,000 lease out a Maltese property for EUR 1,335/m for 5 Years

The application time-frame from start to completion is 12 – 14 months. Click the button to explore in further detail the Malta IIP Application procedure.

Tailored Solutions

We can assist with assessing which investment migration solution is best suited for you and your family’s particular circumstances and goals. Alternatively, click here to learn more about the Maltese Residence Visa.

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