Citizenship Solutions

Investor immigration enables affluent individuals with a route to citizenship and/or residency in a select few countries that offer this.


Citizenship can be obtained through naturalisation, marriage, birth or descent. An alternative gateway is citizenship through investment in a regulated investor program.

In recent times, these investment migration citizenship programmes have come under closer scrutiny. A welcome change as it will continue to fortify the industry, safeguard the interests of the host nations and deliver a win-win situation.

In Europe, the two leading programmes are the Maltese and Cypriot citizenship frameworks. In the Caribbean there are various other routes to obtain a second passport such as St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada.

Cyprus Investment Programme

What is required? An investment of EUR 2,000,000 plus EUR 150,000 in non-refundable government contributions

How long are funds invested? Cyprus real estate worth EUR 500,00 is held in perpetuity, all other investments can be divested in 5 years.

Are there government contributions? Yes, a non-refundable EUR 150,000.

How long does it take? Approx. 6 to 9 months to obtain the Cyprus Passport. Find out more below.

Malta Individual Investor Programme

What is required? An investment of EUR 350,000 in real estate plus EUR 150,000 in bonds/stocks.

How long are funds invested? Maltese real estate and stocks are held for 5 years.

Are there government contributions? Yes, a non-refundable EUR 650,000.

How long does it take? Approx. 10 to 14 months to obtain the Maltese Passport. Find out more below.

Alternatively, global citizens opt for residency/investor visa permits in the US, Portugal, Canada or Greece as a stepping stone towards citizenship. In either case, AXESA has the expertise to guide each of our clients on the most well suited investment migration solution tailored to their circumstances.

Benefits of a Second Passport

In a world of political instability, uncertainty and economic volatility, citizenship investment solutions offer invaluable benefits to the investor, their family members and future generations.

The mission of citizenship investment programs is to increase the foreign direct investment into the host country.

Obtaining citizenship in an EU Member state (e.g Malta or Cyprus ) enables the investor to live, travel, study or work in Europe (Schengen states included). It is also transferable to the investor’s children and successors and provides increased global mobility.

Alternatively, several Caribbean and Middle Eastern countries also offer citizenship programmes. Discover the benefits of dual citizenship here.

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