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Investor immigration enables affluent individuals with a route to citizenship and/or residency in a select few countries that offer this.


Citizenship can be obtained through naturalisation, marriage, birth or descent. An alternative gateway is citizenship through investment in a regulated investor programme or residency visa path.

In recent times, these investor citizenship programmes have come under closer scrutiny. A welcome change as it will continue to fortify the industry, safeguard the interests of the host nations and deliver a win-win situation.

In Europe, the two existing programmes are the Maltese and Cypriot citizenship frameworks. In the Caribbean there are various other routes to obtain a second passport in St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada amongst others. The US, Australia, Portugal and Canada on the other hand offer Investor Visas / Permanent Residency permits – residency can also be a stepping stone towards citizenship.

Benefits of a Second Passport

Citizenship by investment offers invaluable benefits to the holder of this passport, their family members and future generations.

Citizenship by investment offers invaluable benefits to the holder of this passport, their family members and future generations. The mission of citizenship investment programs is to increase the foreign direct investment into the host country.

Obtaining citizenship in an EU Member state enables the Cyprus and/or Maltese passport holders to live, travel, study or work in Europe (Schengen states included). It is transferable to the investor’s children and successors and provides increased global mobility. There are also other Caribbean and Eastern European jurisdictions which offer investor’s citizenship programs.

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Citizenship-by-Investment Options

We have an extensive network of individual clients as well as their trusted advisers, wealth managers, asset managers, lawyers and private bankers whom we advise on investments, citizenship and residency. We consistently keep an eye on all legal and regulatory developments in this sphere of investment immigration. We set out below additional information on the Cyprus and Malta investor programs.


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Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus is one of the leading Investment Programmes in Europe. We can guide you on your application to secure a second citizenship, increasing both you and your family’s global mobility. FIND OUT HOW TO APPLY Our Citizenship by Investment and Residency services enable High Net Worth Individuals to enjoy a globally mobile lifestyle, access to … Continue reading Cyprus Investment Programme