Private Clients

Through our core area of expertise in Citizenship & Residency solutions we’ve developed an extensive property market network globally. We work directly with real estate developers, investment managers, private bankers and asset owners and deliver a unique portfolio of potential real estate opportunities to private investors.

Our team consistently go the extra mile to identify opportunities tailored to our clients’ requirements and assist them throughout the process, acting as a value-added right hand partner.

We personally accompany our clients on all property viewing trips and meetings with potential sellers and property asset owners. Our priority is to ensure that the interests of our clients are safeguarded. We capitalize on our market know-how and ensure our clients are securing the best value for money. 

Investment Opportunities

Our Private Client services are divided into Real Estate and Non-Real Estate private equity opportunities.

Our key area of focus involves the real estate industry; commercial and residential properties, on and off-market.

The Non-Real Estate normally includes sourcing investment opportunities in private funds. Throughout the years in the financial services industry we have developed a reliable network of private fund managers across Europe.

We support our investors from cradle-to-grave applying our expertise and shared commitment to achieving their successful returns.

Residential Blocks

AXESA-Private Client Investors Residential

Student Accomodation


AXESA-Private Clients Hotel Investors

Office Buildings


Any information presented herein or by the company is addressed to qualified investors and should not be deemed or considered a solicitation or recommendation to invest, acquire or sell. The information included herein on this website should not be seen as commercial, investment advice, legal or tax advice. Investors are asked to assess their own risks and undertake a thorough review of the suitability of their investments, ensuring they procure advice from their own financial and investment advisors.

Work With Us

We are readily available to support investors and/or their advisors seeking lucrative real estate and/or private equity opportunities.

Our clients include European, Middle Eastern as well as Asian investors, who are growing evermore interested in the European real estate market.

Please ensure you arrange a meeting with us or a free consultation by submitting an enquiry on our Contact Us page.