About Us

We are staunch proponents of globalization and believe a closely connected world fosters lucrative opportunities to succeed in securing a high quality of life and fruitful business.

We offer you access to the global stage. AXESA are an integrated consultancy offering global mobility solutions including Citizenship in Cyprus and Malta, Residency in Cyprus and Greece, Private Investors and Wealth Management. We serve investors (EU and non-EU), successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals enabling them to ‘Go Global’.  

The Citizenship solutions we facilitate are founded on a solid legal framework and government approved investment program in Cyprus. In line with our values of integrity, we ensure that we fulfill a thorough Know-Your-Client exercise with each of our clients, take all relevant due diligence measures and provide transparent advice prior to accepting any engagements. 

Our team are determined to deliver excellence. Our key service offering is Citizenship & Residency, yet we have taken heed of our clients’ needs and offer a holistic range of Private Investor and Wealth Management services to our esteemed clients.

Our values steer our work and offer direction in the delivery of services to professional services firms and end-clients. We give our clients innovative solutions to access lucrative business opportunities across the world.


We founded the company in 2013 with an aim to provide international business development services to Latin American markets. We have since restructured our focus and service offering,  broadening our scope to serve predominantly SE Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern investors and entrepreneurs seeking citizenship  and residency solutions in Cyprus, Malta and Greece. We also serve investors seeking off-market or new opportunities to invest in an array of both real estate projects and private equity funds. 


By 2020 we want AXESA to fortify its professional relationship with wealth managers, trust officers, accountants, private bankers, family offices and law firms globally that are aligned with our ethos – to increase their clients’ global mobility through  citizenship & residency solutions (predominantly in Europe) and tailored wealth management services.  We believe it is individuals who are at the heart of all successful ventures and aim to fortify our professional network with long-term partners.

Our four areas of expertise are holistically channeled to achieve one same mission – ensuring clients have increased worldwide mobility and access to investment opportunities on the global stage.

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