Portugal Golden Visa Application

The Portuguese Government implemented the Portugal Investor Visa in 2012 to encourage foreign direct investment into Portugal. We outline below the steps and documents required to obtain the Portuguese ‘Golden Visa’.

Application Process

Stage 1

Investment Option selection

The investor may chose to visit Portugal at this stage, though not mandatory. The investor selects which investment route to take under either category; Enterprise, Real Estate or Heritage.

Stage 2

Application Submission (2 Months)

1. The client shall obtain a Portugues NIF and open an account (physical presence is not required) in order to invest in the selected Golden Visa option, with our guidance and that of local legal counsel.

2. All supporting source of funds, due diligence and identity documents will be translated into Portugues and legalized appropriately prior to filing the application.

3. A Biometrics appointment will be set up with the Portuguese SEF, availability for the appointment could be 1 to 2 months depending on the office selected.

4. The investor and his/her spouse plus minor dependent children, dependent parents, minor dependent siblings under guardianship or adult dependent children in tertiary education can all apply under the Portugal Golden Visa regime.

Stage 3

Application Approval (3 to 4 months)

1. The investor will be subject to a thorough due diligence review by the SEF who will need to confirm the application documents, due diligence and appropriate investment proof. This could take 3 to 4 months depending on volumes.

2. Once approved a residence permit is issued to the investor and any dependents who have submitted their application. The residence permit is valid for 1 year.

Stage 4

Renewal of Residency

1. The Portugal Golden Visa holder will need to visit for 7 days during the first year.

2. Once 12 months have passed, the investor will renew their residency permit/golden visa for 2 more years. They are required to spend 14 days in Portugal during the 2 year period.

3. After 24 months, the residency permit can be renewed for a subsequent 2 years (i.e. years 4 and 5).

Stage 5

Citizenship Application

1. The investor and any eligible dependents shall be eligible to apply for citizenship upon completion of 5 years of holding a Portugal Investor/Golden Visa.

2. The Golden Visa investment can be sold, exited or retained as prefered by investor upon completion of 5 years.

Route to Citizenship

Portugal Golden Visa holders can live, work and study in Portugal. Although relocation and physical presence is not mandatory, once the 5 years have passed and all criteria has been met the Golden Visa holders may apply for Portuguese Citizenship.

A Portuguese passport allows its citizens to live, work and study in any of the EU Member states, offering greater freedom of movement for generations to come.

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