Greece Fees

The Greek Residency Permit applicant must submit a complete due diligence and comprehensive source of funds with their application. The application is then reviewed and can be approved within 2 months of the investment being made.

In order to apply, the applicant must have invested in the selected real estate option (commercial/residential) after having completed the conveyancing, real estate due diligence and investment. AXESA can assist with this entirely, supported by local partners and Greek real estate professionals

  • Consultation with our team to discuss the Residency Permit
  • Preparation of documents for the submission of the Greek Residency application.
  • Coordination of all itinerary matters for a 4 day visit to explore properties in Greece with licensed local agents.
  • Completion of all legal documents and submission of the application with the support of local lawyers.

Greek Residency Fees

The fees will depend on the specific circumstances of the individual and/or any qualifying family members that are included on the application. The expenses that are due involve both the Permanent Residence application expenses as well as the property purchase expenses. These are denoted below as a general guideline:

  • Transfer Tax (older properties pre 2006) – 3.09%
  • Transfer Tax (licenses after 2006) – 24%
  • Legal & Notary Fees – 2.5 %
  • Land Registry fees – 0.75%
  • Land Registry Document – EUR 75
  • Permanent Residency Fee – EUR 2,000
  • Permanent Residency Fee (spouse/parents/children over 13 – EUR 150
  • Permanent Residency Card – EUR 16
  • Insurance Fee – EUR 100 – EUR 200


Non-residents in Greece are only required to pay tax on income derived in Greece. Income tax rates are a minimum of 22%. If an investment property is leased out the rental income is taxed at a varying rate from 11% to 33%.