Greece Criteria

The Greek government implemented the Greece Residency Program in 2013 to encourage foreign direct investment into Greece. This has drawn a pool of foreign investors who have benefitted from this residency route and also contributed needed funds to the Greek economy, supporting its economy.

Investment Criteria

It is imperative that the main applicant/investor can demonstrate :

  1. A clear criminal record from their home country and any other places they have been residing in prior.
  2. Proof of medical insurance to cover any expenses during their time in Greece.

The investor shall invest EUR 250,000 in a property in Greek mainland and/or the islands. This is one of the lowest investment amounts, making this a highly attractive residency program in comparison to others in the European Union/European Economic Zone.

The investor may invest in various properties summing up to the minimum investment or they can contribute to another investment property with another applicant (e.g. 2 investors in a EUR 500,000 property). The property may be residential or commercial.