Greece Golden Visa Fees

The Greek Golden Visa requires applicants to submit a complete due diligence and comprehensive source of funds assessment with their application. The application is then reviewed and can be approved within 2 months of the investment being made.

Governing Regulations

The Greek Residence Permit is subject to Law 4251/2014, article 20, case B’ (Official Government Gazette A’ 80), Law 4332/2015 article 8 par. 26-30 and article 14 par. 1 (Official Government Gazette A’ 76), Law 4546/2018, article 38, par. 8 (Official Government Gazette A’ 101), Law 4540/2018, article 31, par. 6 (Official Government Gazette A’ 91), Law 4587/2018, article 3, par. 2 and 3 (Official Goverment Gazette A’ 218) and Joint Ministerial Decision n. 31399/01-10-2018 (Official Government Gazette Β’4366)

Applicants who undergo the application and screening process, complying with the required criteria are granted a Greek Residence Permit. In order to apply, the applicant must have invested in commercial/residential) real estate or signed a ten year lease in hotel/tourist complexes. AXESA can assist with this entirely, supported by local partners and established Greek real estate firms.

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We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive professional services fees with personalised service and unique extras. Our mission is to offer premium service at value added fee levels and enabling our clients to enjoy the benefits of Greek Permanent Residence and visa-free travel throughout the Schengen zone.

Processing Service Fees

AXESA offer competitive fees for the preparation, submission and follow up of the Greek Golden Visa.

We have a holistic approach to our service and liaise with our clients and any advisors or local counsel. AXESA coordinate the certification of documents needed, the preparation of evidence for source of wealth and income, funds transfers, real estate meetings and executive travel for visits to Greece to submit biometrics. We advise clients on all aspects of their application and offer support post-completion of the Greek Golden visa.


The following are the disbursements payable to the Greek government.

Permanent Residency Fee – EUR 2,000

Permanent Residency Fee (spouse/parents/children over 13) – EUR 150

Permanent Residency Card – EUR 16

Insurance Fee – EUR 100 to EUR 200


Non-residents in Greece are only required to pay tax on income derived in Greece. Income tax rates are a minimum of 22%. If an investment property is leased out the rental income is taxed at a varying rate from 11% to 33%.

The following are real estate/land registry fees and taxes payable to the Greek government.

Transfer Tax (older properties pre 2006) – 3.09%

Transfer Tax (licenses after 2006) – 24%

Legal & Notary Fees – 2.5 %

Land Registry fees – 0.75%

Land Registry Document – EUR 75

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