Greece Golden Visa Application

The Greek government implemented the Greece Residency Program in 2013 to encourage foreign direct investment into Greece. This has drawn a pool of foreign investors who have benefitted from this residency route and also contributed needed funds to the Greek economy.

Application Process

Stage 1

Visitor Visa to Enter Greece

The investor must apply for a visa to legally enter/visit Greece (e.g from the local Greek Embassy in their home country) to have initial visa entry vetted and approved.

Stage 2

Documented Evidence

The investor must provide all pertinent documentation to apply for the Golden Visa including:

1. Clear Criminal Record from their home country and other jurisdictions they have resided in during the past 10 years (minimum);

2. Proof of medical insurance covering expenses for applicant and/or dependents;

3a. Contract of real estate purchase(s) in total valued at EUR 250,000 for an individual (and his/her spouse) or of EUR 500,000 if joint ownership is with an individual that is not a spouse (and corporate documents if held by a Greek/EU legal entity); or

3b. An adequate hotel/tourist complex long-term lease, depending on the option of investment A or B selected;

4. Documents from the country of origin of the investor’s family dependents, these can be a spouse, unmarried dependent children of either spouse under the age of 21 or parents/grandparents of the investor or his/her spouse.

Stage 3

Application Review

The investor will need to submit biometric data and the file will be submitted for review.

The authorities receiving the application will confirm receipt and issue the investor with a residence permit whilst their file is under review.

The application review will take up to 2 months after which the competent authorities will announce their decision and issue the Golden Visa valid for 5 years.

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