Residency Solutions

For clients seeking a Permanent Residency or Investor programmes there are several options throughout Europe including Ireland, Portugal or Malta. Alternatively there are the EB5 and E2 visas for investors/entrepreneurs in the US . AXESA guides you through the array of steps involved and requirements for residency permits and/or citizenship investment solutions .

European Residency

There are various European Residency options that AXESA offers its international clientele. They allow applicants to live, travel, study, work and reside throughout Europe. A European residency permit also enables clients to enjoy greater mobility without needing to reinvest the larger sums of money required for citizenship programmes.

These are either structured as real estate investments as well as in regulated investment funds.

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US Residency

For those clients interested in relocating to the US there are various visas tailored to entrepreneurs, professionals and investors. These are set out below:

1. E2 Visa for Investors

2. EB5 Immigrant Investor Programme

Tailored Solutions

Alternatively, global citizens may opt for citizenship investment solutions in the Cyprus or Malta amongst others. Permanent Residency permits/Investor Visas can at times be used as a stepping stone towards citizenship, most commonly in Portugal. Although clients will need to ensure the terms in their specific case, for example under the Irish programme investors must actually be physically present for the stipulated time (4 out of the past 5 years) to obtain citizenship.

In either case, AXESA has the expertise to guide each client on the best suited programme tailored to their particular family, business and fiscal circumstances.

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