Investment Immigration

In an effort to attract further investment the Government of Cyprus has issued favourable incentive schemes for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

One of the most successful initiatives the Cypriot government has developed has been the Cyprus Investment Program (CIP), which has been approved the European Union.

The Cypriot government also offer a Permanent Residence Permit option to eligible entrepreneurs/individuals. We can support eligible individuals seeking to relocate to the Cyprus, a member of the European Union, by coordinating the entire application, visits and meetings with local agents and government bodies.

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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment | Axesa GlobalThe CIP enables both EU and non EU citizens to obtain Cypriot Citizenship which facilitates the applicant and his/her family’s access to the rights of a Cypriot Citizen. In order for the Citizenship to be obtained the applicant shall need to be holder of a Permanent Residence permit for six months, which we can arrange with the intervention of our locally licensed and duly registered service providers in Cyprus.

What are the Rights  of Cypriot Citizens?

  • Cypriot Citizens may travel, reside, study and work within the 28 countries of the EU, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
  • There is free movement of services (individuals and their companies) in the EU
  • Free movement of capital in the EU
  • Free movement of goods in the EU
  • Cyprus offers  an approved, transparent and favourable tax regime i
  • Cyprus has political stability and a UK based legal framework
  • Cyprus Citizens can enjoy more seamless travel to over 159 non-EU countries (visa requirements)
  • Dual Citizenship is permissible

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Permanent Residence CyprusThe Permanent Residence Permit enables both EU and non EU citizens to relocate to Cyprus. On undergoing a stringent due diligence process the applicants may obtain a PRP and thus be able to enjoy certain rights attributed to this including more ease of travel throughout Europe. Holders of a PRP can also proceed to  obtaining Cypriot Citizenship subject to meeting specific requirements and time frames.

What are the Key Benefits of Cypriot Permanent Residence?

  • Enables the applicant and dependents to relocate to Cyprus
  • Cyprus has one of the highest quality of life indicators (political, economic, social integration)
  • An attractive tax regime for residents (one of the most favourable ones in Europe) that is compliant with OECD benchmarks
  • Access to a high calibre of educational institutions and governing bodies
  • No Inheritance tax
  • Opportunity to receive rental income from investment in residential real estate

We Collaborate with Industry Leaders in Cyprus

Axesa Global work exclusively with reputable real estate experts in Cyprus who assist Citizenship by Investment and Permanent Residence applicants in securing the right real estate investment. We ensure that all local real estate due diligence is managed and assessed.

We also collaborate with the leading licensed Cypriot firm in Citizenship by Investment programs, Savva & Associates (S&A),  who have successfully obtained the highest number of approvals for their clients’ Cypriot Investment Program (CIP) applications and pride themselves in their level of client service, technical expertise and integrity.

S&A have in-house immigration specialists, qualified lawyers and accountants who can provide a comprehensive assessment of each CIP applicant’s specific personal and business circumstances.

Why Work with Us?

We engage various clients from the United Kingdom, Central and South America and the Far East, offering our guidance throughout the entire Cypriot Investment Program and/or Permanent Residence Permit application.

We personally coordinate and accompany our clients on Cyprus visits, offering a tailored level of service throughout and ensuring a streamlined application process. We provide language assistance having native Spanish, English and Arabic speakers in-house applying our extensive experience operating in the local Cypriot market.

Throughout the delivery of all our services we have committed to giving all our clients the most cost-competitive service fees in the industry without compromising on the caliber of service.

Our local partners are Registered Cyprus Service Providers who have specialised in Investment Immigration services. We are pleased to transfer cost-competitive service fees and the added value of our personalised and tailored service to our clients.

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