Content Marketing

We speak your language

Axesa Global are your right-hand in terms of the drafting, editing and/or distributing engaging, industry-specific and targeted content to your specific audience.

Law? Tax? Media? Insurance?

Our team have a multi-disciplinary background ranging from business, law, public relations, international relations and accountancy, which is an added value to our clients as we have the industry experience and creative knack to write engaging content for a wide range of industries.

Why is Content Marketing Critical?

There is a growing interest in content marketing because in our ever-more connected world each business needs to ensure that they are going beyond word-of-mouth to stay ahead in the game.

There is a flood of self-proclaimed experts, bloggers and non-technical content in the global internet so ensuring that your specific business issues curated, technical and bespoke content is paramount to standing out from the rest.

We like simplicity.

We don’t engage clients in overly complex processes but we do ensure we are thorough by taking the time to read all existing corporate communication materials, having conversations with key stakeholders in the business and for the length of our engagement – making sure that we are immersed in your company, aware of your brand and committed to conveying the values and message you wish to project.

One-Off Request or Recurring Content Generation

We draft a wide range of content from one-off requests, urgent requests to long-term engagements for recurring campaigns such as :

  • Infographics – design and content
  • Blog Roll Management – curated, industry specific blog content
  • Newsletters – coordination of content, editing, email campaigns and social media
  • Website News – managing periodic news updates on websites
  • Marketing Material – content and design for corporate brochures, articles

Content Marketing is about delivering results, ensuring each piece of content issued by a company conveys the brand’s values, reaches key corporate objectives, is SEO optimised and offers actual increases in clients, exposure and brand awareness.

Our Mark of Distinction

What makes our marketing team stand out from the rest is that we have a team that not only has marketing, journalism and public relations expertise but also technical expertise and professional backgrounds in a wide range of technical industries enabling us to speak the same language as you and your end-clients.

We work within budgets, offer the most competitive fees in the market and have the technical insight to tailor bespoke content for your company. To find out how we can help you, lighten your burden and achieve greater results through our value added services – email us at