New Market Entry

The need to Continually Develop your Client Base

In order for a company to develop and grow it needs to ensure that it is continually exploring business opportunities in new markets and increasing its client base.

Our International Market Entry services enable our clients to assess the viability of a new market and source new clients, address issues to consider when offering services/products in the new market and implementing an entry strategy to reach strategic growth goals.

Unlike our Global Expansion services, whereby clients are seeking to extend their brand’s reach and business network internationally, our International Market Entry services are tailored for clients seeking to expand their client base abroad.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Market Entry

Axesa Global can assist corporates of varying sizes to assess the viability of new markets through a strategic market entry assessment that entails:

  1. Identification – We provide a clear assessment of a target market specifying the economic conditions, sociopolitical facets, competitor analysis and industry regulations in our AXG Market Entry Reports.
  2. Entry – We will identify a target list of prospective clients and distributors, provide a detailed brief on their capabilities and areas for possible synergies and coordinate an introduction.
  3. Implementation We will assist you with negotiating terms of cooperation or service levels with new clients, provide any interpretation/communication support, agree on heads of terms and strengthen your companies business relationships in a new market.

Shapes and Strategies

Market entry can take a variety of shapes and forms be it through securing new clients, assessing whether direct exporting of goods is a viable solution, identifying whether a local distributor is the right fit for your business model.

Each of these has its own pitfalls, risks and opportunities. Axesa Global can provide guidance and support you in coordination with local agents by channeling our market research team’s capabilities to make the right strategic decisions to improve your company’s bottom line.

Key points for consideration when assessing a market entry strategy:

Demand Forecasting – is critical to be able to determine whether there is a viable opportunity and whether investing in the expansion of your products/services in a new market is profitable.

To assess demand thorough economic and market research needs to be undertaken both in a quantitative manner as well as in qualitative research by receiving information from local industry leaders and consumers.

Compatibility Assessments – involve having a clear ‘persona’ for the type of client/customer or local distributor that is required to make this foreign venture a success.

Assessing compatibility involves ‘soft skills’ to a certain degree, studying whether the local cultural, economic and technological conditions suit your business’s products/services.

Ensuring that your company’s values and the attributes and ethos it represents are well aligned with the client base is as critical. Similarly, pin-pointing corporate synergies and complementary values in a potential business distributor/agent is at the core of whether that business collaboration will boost or hinder your international success.

Flexibility and Regulation – choosing a market entry strategy is an executive and critical decision as it will be at the core of whether your business succeeds/fails in a new market.

Implementing a flexible market entry model such as co-marketing or a loose alliance or a simple affiliation, may be the most suitable strategy for a company that has limited international experience and/or a reduced appetite to risk resources, time and finances in an overseas venture.

Having a solid definition of your company’s degree of flexibility and capabilities is critical to a market entry strategy being fruitful.

The regulation in a foreign market will vary and procuring adequate advise to avoid tax issues (assessing arms length principles, withholding tax laws, capital controls).

We have extensive experience in consulting clients on market entry and believe that having an honest, clear picture of our client’s brief and needs enables us to deliver the best results.

Facilitating your Access to the Global Stage

We are committed to supporting companies in their international expansion and will provide a FREE consultation and preliminary report on areas for consideration for our potential clients. We apply our technical  skills, international business experience and service-driven approach to deliver effective market entry solutions.

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