International Business Development

The value of Partnerships

In order for a company to develop and grow they need to ensure that they have a clear vision, strategic plan and a specific profile for the type, size and caliber of business partner required in a target market to strengthen its position and increase market share.

A partner can take the form of a supplier, distributor, franchisee, associate, representative or any other category that is aligned with your group’s objective of increasing its global footprint strategically.

To achieve strategic growth a thorough analysis must be undertaken of the conditions in the target market, the regulatory landscape, impending changes in tax or legal frameworks that will impact your specific industry of operation and economic factors.

The next critical assessment is identifying and connecting with companies that can complement your business with their skill sets, local insights and contacts and/or aligned business interests.

We ensure that we provide a tailored service to our clients, leading the process of on-boarding new partners in every aspect, acting as your value-added right-hand.

Meaningful professional relationships are at the core of success in business.

Axesa Global is committed to aiding businesses of varying sizes in connecting with the right individuals in other companies to create synergies, develop new business and grow.

Our Bespoke Services from Start to End (or Replay)

The right partner located in your target market can facilitate new business opportunities for your company, result in new projects, added international exposure, increased brand value and lucrative clients.

Our team step in to support you in this critical process that involves:

  1. Understanding your business operations, values and targets intimately
  2. Researching prospective partners and undertaking due diligence assessments
  3. Identifying a short list of prospects and engaging in screening meetings/calls
  4. Leading the initial discussions and presenting your company and objectives on your behalf
  5. Aiding you in the negotiation of terms with strategic partners
  6. Cooperating with both parties to ensure that your brand values are gradually transferred to the workflow, team and ethos of your business partner
  7. Coordinating joint business development activities (market visits, agendas, travel, business meeting, lead identification, introductory email campaigns, PR)

We offer the most competitive rates for our International Business Development services because we believe in offering value and excellence to our clients. Thanks to our service-driven approach we have had clients engaging us on a recurring basis for advice and support.

Why is New Market Development Key to Growing your Business

A recent PwC CEO Survey infact drew attention to the fact that over 70% of CEO’s considered partnerships as quintessential to their success and expansion.

Yet, the success rate of strategic partnerships is quite low and this stems from a lack of research, limited negotiations, hap-hazard discussions on mutual goals and a lack of direction in terms of joint marketing and business development activities.

We have served clients in a wide range of Industries and also worked in the energy, finance and insurance markets placing our team in a unique vantage position to understand our clients’ business operations and identify the best global expansion strategy to support their growth.

Implementing a global expansion strategy will ensure that your company is mitigating any risks if demand or conditions in existing markets change or falter, ensuring you maintain your viability, cashflow and market share.

With the course of time, markets begin to flatten out and a company’s rate of growth starts to level out indicating it is prime time to be seeking new business opportunities and associations in lucrative and growing markets.

Having a proactive approach will consistently place you ahead of your competition.

Before embarking on a Global Expansion project with our team, we would advise you consider a few key points set out in our recent article 5 Introspective Questions to Address before Going Global.

We will support you in addressing these key areas and assessing how viable a new market(s) is for your current business circumstances and in addition to looking externally, we will also review the internal business processes which will need to be adapted to develop a flexible organizational structure that can adapt to your specific business goals.

We also assist our clients who seek to set up their own office in international markets, through our Company Formation & Compliance services, assisting them in procuring the best local agents, reviewing and shortlisting agents, supporting them through the formation and set-up stage and providing value-added support on the corporate, tax, fiduciary, matters that a new legal entity requires from Company House matters, to VAT returns to annual accounting deadlines.

Helping you expand your Global Footprint

Ultimately Axesa Global is available to guide each company through this process, ensuring we offer a wholesome spectrum of support in identifying, engaging, building and developing new business with strategic partners.

Our aim is to serve you in your international expansion, to find out more about how we can assist you please email us at