Incorporation & Compliance

Establishing your company in a new market is a challenge in itself as you need to wade through the local bureaucracy, capital requirements, possible foreign direct investment limitations before even contemplating the prospect of serving your first client.

We have extensive experience in the registration of legal entities in varying forms in major financial centres of Europe, the US, UAE, Caribbean and South America.

We can provide guidance on the set-up of efficient corporate structures and handle the entire process of procuring and managing the delivery of services from local tax / fiduciary services professionals.

We are committed to adding value, through the delivery of all our services and only work with local providers who are appropriately regulated in their local markets, on global registries as market leading service providers in their field, service-driven, have integrity and offer innovative solutions. 

Your New Dot on the Map

We can manage the registration, formation and administration of companies globally including holding companies, special purpose vehicles and limited liability partnerships or trusts.

We oversee the procurement, service delivery and coordination with corporate service providers to assist entrepreneurs and executives in setting up their new offices in foreign jurisdictions.

Our team step in to support you in this critical process that involves:

  1. Procuring Service Proposals from reputable local agents
  2. Guidance on legal forms of incorporation and fiscal/financial considerations
  3. Central liaison with local banks and providing guidance on implementing e-banking authorities and corporate banking administration
  4. Review and assessment of corporate engagement letters with service providers
  5. Negotiating service levels and fees with local agents
  6. Coordinating audits and annual accounts with local agents, overseeing deadlines for corporate reporting and renewals
  7. Set Up of a Corporate Compliance Calendar
  8. Multi-jurisdictional coordination of local agents and streamlined reporting to key C-Suite members, business owners and managers

Our Advantage

We in essence will act as your outsourced Corporate Compliance managers, offering you our tailored services at cost-effective rates to add value to your bottom line.

Assigning us the responsibility to channel the communication with local agents regarding registered office, company secretarial, directorship, beneficial ownership and accounting matters enables you to focus on operating your core business.

We can support you in the management of your Holding Company/SPVs during recurring periods – e.g. quarterly or monthly or annually or on an ad-hoc basis at competitive rates.

To find out more about how we can assist you in these corporate matters please email us at