Global Investment

AXESA provide a clear assessment of the opportunities and hurdles for a company looking at expanding into a new market.

We offer hands-on, expert market entry and international business development services to enable you to extend your client base in foreign markets.

We can assist companies of varying sizes in identifying potential business partners, representatives, associates and/or clients in target markets in Europe, Latin America and the Far East predominantly.

We have experience undertaking market research and leading negotiations on behalf of our clients with prospective customers and/or associates globally. 

Connecting You to Opportunities Globally

Our range of International Business Development services include:

International Business Development

We can’t underestimate the importance of finding the “perfect fit” – choosing the right person to work with in a new market is critical as it can make or break your company’s success.

We deliver our Global Expansion clients with tailored solution in the following areas:

  • Identifying potential local partners, franchisees, associates or affiliates in a target market
  • Assessing prospective international partners through our AXG Due Diligence process to support you in making the right decision
  • Negotiating terms with prospects that are aligned to your business model and corporate values

We leverage our existing professional networks, lead the due diligence review, short list prospects, facilitate and coordinate strategic meetings.

New Market Entry

Distinct to Global Expansion, we assist clients of varying sizes in growing their client base internationally. We consistently deliver bespoke solutions to increase the number of prospective customers and opportunities they can tap into in international markets.

We act as a bridge for SMEs and larger corporates by applying our strategic know-how and cross-cultural business expertise to break into lucrative markets.

We deliver our International Market Entry clients with support in the following areas:

  • Preparation of AXG Market Entry Reports
  • Market representation, we attend Industry Expos, Seminars, Trade Talks, Roadshows and Chamber of Commerce events in your target market.
  • We establish an Implementation plan and work as part of the team to ensure we jointly collaborate, coordinate all the logistics for meetings, briefs and actions plans after calls/meetings with prospects in foreign markets we are targeting.

Based on previous experience we know that the key to success is implementation. We work closely with each of our clients, coordinating interactions, leading negotiations and being personally involved to support them throughout. 

Incorporation & Compliance

Our service offering for corporate start-ups includes the following key areas:

  • Liaising with and coordinating the local registration with local agents, bankers and accountants
  • Establishing operational procedures and budgets to ensure your team focuses on the core business whilst we support you in the “Start-Up” phase
  • Coordinating all instructions, billing and annual compliance requirements with the local fiduciary agent efficiently on your behalf

We have experience collaborating with a network of trusted advisors and fiduciary service providers who offer our clients preferential rates and exceptional service globally. Our team has had industry experience in the registration and administration of group holding companies, special purpose vehicles, funds and trusts hence we are well positioned to effectively manage the corporate matters of your inter-group companies, allowing you to focus on leading your business.

Your Expert Consultation

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