Cyprus Citizenship (CIP)

Cyprus is one of the leading Investment Programmes in Europe. We can guide you on your application to secure a second citizenship, increasing both you and your family’s global mobility.

Cypriot Citizenship enables High Net Worth Individuals to enjoy a globally mobile lifestyle, visa free travel throughout Europe and over 173 countries.

AXESA is a strong proponent of an inter-connected world. We agree that regulation and due diligence best practices will ensure the integrity of the investment migration market in the long-run.

Benefits of Cyprus Citizenship

Cyprus itself has been a member of the European Union since 2004, has English as a second language and offers a socio-politically and robust environment boasting one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Cyprus Citizenship opens up gateway to enjoy a high quality of life for both the investor and his/her dependent family.

Benefits of a Cypriot Passport include;

1. citizenship of a reputable EU country with a stringent due diligence system;

2. visa-free travel to 173 destinations including the EU;

3. the right to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries;

4. the right to engage in cross-border business (goods/services/transactions) throughout the EU;

5. reduced (up to 65%) university fees at European universities;

6. a flexible array of investment options (regulated funds, real estate);

7. a comparatively lower non-refundable Government contribution.

Cyprus is at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it is a hub of cultural diversity which weaves tradition with European modernity.

Having Cypriot Citizenship enables the investor to relocate to Cyprus (optional) or to any jurisdiction within the European Union, should they chose to do so. Qualifying for Cyprus citizenship offers more than a passport, it is a safeguard and legacy for generations to come.

Cyprus offers numerous attractive tax initiatives including the 60 Day Non Dom Status that enables qualifying individuals to enjoy a 50% tax exemption on earnings over EUR 100,000 for a 10 year period.

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Cyprus CIP Requirements

EUR 75,000 non-Refundable Contribution to the Cyprus Research & Innovation fund;

EUR 75,000 non-Refundable Contribution to the Cyprus Land Registry;

EUR 500,000 acquire a Cyprus permanent residence to be held in perpetuity;

PLUS Invest in Either property option below

1. EUR 2,000,000 in Cyprus Real Estate held for 5 Years (including the permanent residence investment made); or

2. EUR 2,000,000 in various Approved Investments including government bonds, Alternative Investment Funds, Real Estate, Cyprus companies etc… for 5 Years.

The application time-frame from start to completion is 7 – 10 months.

Are You Eligible?

The Cyprus CIP is suited for individuals who have:

1. a reputable character;

2. a traceable and clear source of funds;

3. an impeccable criminal record;

4. are duly vetted by the CIP due diligence process;

5. hold a Schengen visa at the time of application;

6. have not been rejected citizenship in any other EU Member state prior.

Maintaining the integrity of the investment migration industry is of paramount importance to us, hence we work exclusively with clients that align with our ethos.