Citizenship & Residency

Individuals seeking to relocate may do so by investing in Citizenship/Residency by Investment programs globally. Depending on the criteria and caveats of each, high net worth individuals, investors and/or entrepreneurs can obtain a second passport or permanent residency, founded on a solid, legal, government approved framework.

Investment Solutions

Our Citizenship by Investment and Residency services enable High Net Worth Individuals to enjoy a globally mobile lifestyle, access to visa free travel throughout Europe and dozens of other countries, a secure investment and an opportunity to build a fruitful business and life for both them and their families.

Citizenship by Investment

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High Net Worth Individuals seeking to relocate to Europe can apply through the Cyprus Investment Programme, which is governed by the Naturalisation of Investors in Cyprus by Exception Scheme, based on subsection (2) in Section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002. In order to promoted additional Foreign Direct Investment, the Council of Ministers revised the aforementioned scheme in 2016, setting out a more favourable, attractive and solid legal framework for duly approved investors to obtain Cypriot citizenship.

In order to be eligible to apply for the Cyprus Investment Programme the individual must invest a minimum of EUR 2 million in one of the available investment options (real estate being the most common) for a period of 3 years.The application can take approximately 6 months for all relevant screening and due diligence to be undertaken and for the passport to be granted indefinitely.

Upon termination of the 3 year investment period, the applicant can sell EUR 1.5 million of his/her investment, ensuring that a residential property of EUR 500,000 value is held in perpetuity.

To learn more about how we can assist you in applying for the Cyprus Investment Programme please click here.

Residency by Investment

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We specialise in securing residence permits for Non-EU clients seeking residency solutions in Cyprus, handling the application of the main applicant as well as his/her dependents (spouse, children and parents subject to specific criteria).

The key requirements for securing a Cyprus Permanent Residence is to acquire a residential property that has a minimum market value of EUR300,000 excluding VAT. There are specific conditions governing the VAT applied but subject to meeting these, there is a reduced rate of 5% VAT on the first 200 square meters of the property’s area and 19% applied thereafter.

Cyprus is ranked 1st for the safest place to live and visit among countries that have populations under 5 million.    

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004, it offers a high standard of living on various economic, political stability and societal parameters. To learn more about how we can assist you in relocating to Europe click here.

Our Approach

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AXESA are passionate about facilitating clients with tailored citizenship and residency solutions. We have served family office advisors, trustees, law firms, immigration agents and wealth managers who are searching for value added investment solutions that provide their clients with a lucrative return and open doors to global mobility. 

We closely monitor the local regulators’ updates and changes in legislation regarding due diligence, screening and prerequisites to apply for citizenship or residency investor programmes in the jurisdictions we serve.

We have the expertise, local knowledge and networks on the ground to ensure that our clients are receiving value for money property options that give them attractive returns on investment.

We are transparent, direct and pragmatic in our approach, in line with our corporate values, we ensure that we undertake our work with integrity.

We are unbiased in our approach and cross-reference each property agent and local expert we engage in the property search for both Permanent Residency and Citizenship investment clients.

We undertake a thorough pre-filing screening process with our clients and present our clients with an honest assessment of their circumstances. Our local agents have an in depth insight on the particularities of each government framework and offer valuable advice on the steps required to secure each applications  is successfully approved.

We hand-hold our clients throughout the application process, arranging, through our Private Client Services, all of their itinerary for site visits including meetings with real estate agents, government offices and local legal advisors regarding property acquisition and valuation matters. We can only guarantee excellence by delivering a personalised service from start to end.

Expert Consultation

Throughout the delivery of all our services we have committed to giving our clients the most cost-competitive fees in the industry without compromising on the caliber of our tailored services.

If you would like to schedule a confidential consultation please drop us a line at for a no-obligations FREE 60 minute assessment of your requirements.