5 Introspective Questions to Answer before Going Global

It is a critical time for businesses to ask themselves if they are ready to expand into international markets now or not... This Article covers 5 Key Questions every business must ask itself before Going Global that offer an opportunity to look inwards at their strengths, capabilities and vulnerabilities before taking the plunge. There are 227 days left on the countdown until Brexit and the current media is reporting a standstill in negotiations with the European Union on a trade deal. Its reported by the Guardian that over 100 seats in parliament that supported Brexit would like to remain in the EU. Time is ticking. Click the link above to read more....

Can you be a Global Citizen and Be Ethical?

We offer a balanced perspective on the hotly debated subject as to the morality of Citizenship by Investment programs in the EU. The European Commissioner for Justice, Věra Jourová, announced that the EU will seek to impose more restricting measures of control on citizenship by investment programs to avoid the entry of illicit applicants from third-countries that raise security concerns in the European Union. We welcome a move towards increased transparency and regulation in the industry and feel that this should be a collaborative effort between industry professionals, regulatory bodies and governments to continue raising the benchmark and delivering our investment immigration services with integrity. Morality. There is much dabe in the Investment Migration Industry as to whether these 'golden visa' programs are ethical or not. Click on the link above to read more.