Benefits Of Dual Citizenship

Citizenship through investment is a unique way of securing and safeguarding the future of your family and that of generations to come.


In Europe, the two main citizenship investment programmes are the Maltese and Cypriot citizenship frameworks. They offer successful applicants an array of global mobility, socioeconomic and quality of life benefits.

Investment Migration programmes also have a positive impact on the local economy and provide the host country with additional interest from other prospective international entrepreneurs and investors.

It is estimated that the Cyprus Investment Programme has already generated EUR 6 Billion for the local economy. Similarly the Maltese Individual Investor Programme requires government contributions which have funded various social and philanthropic initiatives.

We set out below some of the general benefits of dual citizenship;

Dual Citizenship & Transferability : An applicant can enjoy dual citizenship and this will be perpetually transferable to their children and future generations, allows for positive succession planning.

Live and Work Globally : Relocate to the host nation or any of the EU member states for both Cyprus & Malta citizenship holders. Children of Cypriot or Maltese passport holders have the right to lower tuition fees within the EU.

Free Movement of Capital : Any Malta or Cyprus applicants can may transfer funds between EU Member States, purchase property in any preferred EU Member State and invest in Europe.

Free Movement of Services : Any Malta or Cyprus passport holders can freely transfer services between other EU Member States.

Free Movement of Goods : Any Malta or Cyprus passport holders can freely transfer goods between other EU Member States.

Visa Free Travel : Visa-free travel to over 170 countries for holders of Cyprus or Malta passports (including the Shengen area).

Attractive Tax Framework : Depending on the relevant program selected, an investor can obtain positive tax benefits (e.g 10 Year 50% Tax Exemption – Cyprus) from subscribing to the host nation’s tax regime.

Tailored Solutions

Alternatively, global citizens may opt for residency/investor visa permits in the US, Australia, Portugal, Canada or Greece as a stepping stone towards citizenship. In either case, AXESA has the expertise to guide each of our clients on the best suited solution, tailored to their circumstances.

Get in touch with us today to explore how we can establish a fruitful working relationship and assess which investment migration solution is most suited to you/your clients’ needs.