Real Estate Investment

We source real estate investment opportunities for private clients and institutional investors, working directly with the end-client and/or family offices, investment managers and wealth managers.

The key sectors we focus on are:

1. Apartment Blocks

3. Hotels & Resorts

2. Office Buildings

4. Student Accommodation

Through our experience serving various players in the real estate investment sphere we have developed in depth insight into the German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and UK real estate markets. Our niche is off-market transactions in the hotel/services apartment sectors in Europe, predominantly in Germany and Austria.

In addition to sourcing off-market investments in real estate, we also support our clients in disposing of these by building a pipeline of potential buyers. Contact us today for an introductory consultation to discuss your real estate investment needs.

INVESTMENT DISCLAIMER : Any information presented herein or by the company is addressed to qualified investors and should not be deemed or considered a solicitation or recommendation to invest, acquire or sell. The information included herein on this website should not be seen as commercial, investment advice, legal or tax advice. Investors are asked to assess their own risks and undertake a thorough review of the suitability of their investments, ensuring they procure advice from their own financial and investment advisors.