We offer two distinct service areas to our clients internationally focusing on private investment as well as citizenship and residency advisory. The unified purpose and mission of each of our business units is to enable our clients to “Go Global“.

Who do we serve?

Our clients and associates are dispersed across the globe and include:

Affluent individuals that require citizenship solutions for their families and future generations. These include clients seeking to invest in their legacy and build a better future for their children with easier access to top universities. Those seeking a contingency plan due to political/economic instability in their home country. Or business people/entrepreneurs interested in increased global mobility (visa-free travel) to carry out business ventures.

Family offices, wealth advisors, private bankers, law firms and tax advisory firms that are seeking global mobility solutions, citizenship, investor/entrepreneur visas or permanent residency for their clients. The greater part of our network include professional service firms with whom we jointly serve a select portfolio of clientele.

Our priority is to ensure that the clients we engage have fully disclosed all pertinent information in order for us to deliver our services. We also can advise on which nationalities are banned/restricted from applying to specific Citizenship or Residency programmes (e.g. sanctioned jurisdictions etc…).

Prior to engaging a client we undertake our own internal Due Diligence and only accept engagements that, we deem in our professional opinion, to be successful once processed by the relevant government, police and regulatory agencies who review our clients’ files.

We feel this transparent approach has resulted in the most effective client service and upheld our client success rate.

Tailored Solutions

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