Why Move to Cyprus?

Receiving Cyprus Permanent Residency enables you to reside in Cyprus, travel freely throughout the European Union and enjoy all the benefits attributed to Cyprus residents. Most importantly, this programme is a stepping stone for Cyprus (an EU Member since 2004) Citizenship. European residency programs allow affluent individuals to obtain residency within 3-6 months.

Europe’s Island of Opportunity

Cyprus has one of the most favourable onshore tax regimes in the world supported by a stable socio-economic environment. It has breath-taking natural beauty ranging from snow-capped peaks in the Troodos mountains, to blue seas in Protaras and forests brimming with foliage in Platania.

Why are applicants from outside the EU looking at Cyprus as a solid, viable residency planning solution?

It has been an EU Member state since 2004 and has been attracting evermore tourists from both the European Union and beyond. It offers its residents over 300 days of sunshine and is estimated to attract over 5 Million tourists per annum by 2020.

Referred to by many as the Jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is one of the leading relocation destinations and has been cited as having one of the highest standards of living in Europe.

Cyprus brings together history, due to its colourful past and strategic geopolitical location, unique gastronomy being at the crossroads of the Middle East, Asia and Europe and enjoys a welcoming, safe and international community.

The Ministry of Interior has been developing the legal framework and streamlining the procedures in order to issue Permanent Residency Permits to Non-EU nationals who want to invest in Cyprus.

Therefore, many non-EU applicants have benefited from this program and relocated to Cyprus.

They  can benefit from its robust legal framework and democratic society, stable economy and prospering service industries. Furthermore, the quality of medical, research and education institutions on the island are on par with the rest of Europe.  In terms of other key international criteria, Cyprus has ranked highly as a favourable jurisdiction to do business in.  All these features, position Cyprus as an attractive jurisdiction for Non-EU applicants seeking a European Residency solution.

What are your thoughts on relocating through the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program in Cyprus? Are you looking to relocate to Europe?

Author: Lorena Jimenez (Director @ Axesa Global)

An advocate for international business, global mobility, entrepreneurship and egalitarianism in all realms of business and private life, Lorena is passionate about  enabling  individuals and corporates to expand their global footprint. She completed her Business degree at a leading Australian University before undertaking a Masters in International Relations in the United Kingdom. Whilst working in the financial services industry she also undertook a Postgraduate Degree in Law (Corporate) from the University of London that complemented her extensive commercial expertise.  Lorena has worked throughout Europe in various industries including renewable energy and insurance. She has experience in international business development having on-boarded major international firms, led group expansion initiatives and collaborated with businesses globally.

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