Cyprus : The Real Return on Investment

Individuals seeking to relocate may do so by investing in Citizenship/Residency by Investment programs globally. Depending on the criteria and caveats of each, high net worth individuals, investors and/or entrepreneurs can obtain a second passport or permanent residence, founded on a solid, legal, government approved framework.

Cyprus a secure investment

Cyprus is an attractive financial centre due to its highly favourable tax system and strategic location at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Africa and Asia. The Cypriot taxation system is consistently voted by EU tax professionals as being the most attractive in Europe. A newly introduced “non-domicile” regime has also resulted in zero taxation of worldwide dividends and interest income, for a period of 17 years. Cyprus offers a high standard of living for applicants that chose to relocate to and reside in Cyprus, although it is noted that this is not mandatory or required prior to, during or after the submission of the Citizenship application.

5th Best Relocation Country in the World

One of the best ranked Citizenship programmes globally

The “Cyprus Investment Programme” (CIP) is one of the world’s most attractive Citizenship frameworks.

It enables eligible investors to live, work and do business in Cyprus. Cyprus has long been known to act as the Gateway to Europe, this is due to its strategic geopolitical location and also because of its strategic membership in the European Union, dating back to 2004.

Over the past decades, Cyprus has seen a substantial increase in economic development and is becoming one of the region’s key financial hubs. The amount of Foreign Direct Investment on the island is substantial and ever-growing, this is a result of the increasing globalisation across international markets.

The Investment Migration industry is booming year on year and alongside this growth, the industry’s collaboration with governments, regulators and lawmakers in order to serve the greater good and support law and order. An example of this is evident in Cyprus. There were recent updates to the legislation governing the “Cyprus Investment Programme”, which, amongst other changes, increase the required investment holding period, increased the amount of investment necessary and further elaborated on the eligibility requirements. The latest changes to the “Cyprus Investment Programme” are effective as of 15th May 2019.

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