AXESA enables High Net Worth Individuals to invest, reside and travel freely across the global stage.

We deliver tailored Residency permit and Citizenship investment solutions for investors and entrepreneurs seeking a second passport or residency permit in Europe and the United States of America. Our team also advises Private Clients on off-market investment opportunities in Europe in both residential and commercial (retail/hotels/industrial) properties.

We set a high benchmark for the calibre of private investor and global mobility services we deliver to our international clientele.

AXESA are driven by values of integrity, determination and innovation.

Investment Migration Solutions

A second citizenship/residency opens the door to new beginings for generations to come. It is an investment in the future, the key to greater freedom for your business and family and the opportunity to live a truly global lifestyle. In an unstable socio-political world a golden visa or permanent residency offers security and peace of mind.

Citizenship investment programs allow foreign nationals to invest in a second passport via real estate and/or regulated funds. Citizenship can be transferred onto future generations, creating a legacy.

Permanent Residency Permits / Golden Visas enable foreign nationals to travel with greater ease and reside in the host country. There are also Investor Programmes tailored for clients physically relocating to Europe.

American E2 (Entrepreneur) and EB5 investor visas facilitate foreign entrepreneurs who wish to invest and do business in the United States of America. one of the leading economies of the world.

Whether you are looking to set up a business in the United States and require an E2 Investor visa, are looking to relocate to Europe through the Irish IIP or wish to obtain a Portugal golden visa as a gateway to EU citizenship, AXESA can assist you with tailored, value-added solutions.

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A second passport is your gateway to the world. It offers you the freedom to travel with ease, access to world-class universities and the opportunity to live in a safe socio-political environment.

It is an investment in the future. A legacy for generations to come.

Private Client Services

AXESA advise Private Clients and their advisors on investment opportunities in off-market real estate – both residential and commercial, across Europe.

We provide unique investment opportunities with attractive returns to individual investors, working closely with asset managers and family offices globally. Yielding, off-market investment opportunities are sourced by both applying our commercial real estate business accumen and via our established international network.

The range of off-market target investments we have sourced include apartments, villas, student blocks, luxury hotels, industrial warehouses, logistics facilities and retail spaces. To find out more, please get in touch to discuss potential off-market target opportunities.

We work directly with investors, asset managers, and family offices offering a unique portfolio of off-market real estate opportunities throughout Europe.

Who are We?

“Freedom of movement between borders should be our inherent human right.” Lorena Jimenez


AXESA Global is a London based advisory firm that specialises in advising private clients on real estate and investment migration solutions. We are driven by our corporate values of integrity, determination and innovation. Our team is zealous about serving affluent entrepreneurs, investors and their families in achieving greater travel mobility and acccess to lucrative investment opportunities globally.

People are at the heart of our company’s success. Our team is comprised of highly qualified, multilingual professionals who deliver exceptional client service in both English and Spanish.

We persistently go the extra mile in the delivery of our tailored services and offer value added extras.

AXESA consistently delivers exceptional client services to High Net Worth Individuals, investors, successful entrepreneurs and their advisors, legal counsel and bankers.

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Collaborate with AXG

Our company works in close collaboration with wealth management executives, investment managers, lawyers, consultants and private bankers who wish to expand their service offering and deliver premium global mobility solutions to their clients.

These wealthy entrepreneurs and private clients are seeking investment migration solutions (golden visas, entrepreneur visas, residency permits and 2nd citizenships) to safeguard the future of their businesses and their families’ interests. 

Our professional associates bring to the table their invaluable know-how on their client and the long-standing trust they have constructed over the years. AXESA offer its niche expertise in investment migration, jointly delivering exceptional service and value-added solutions to the end client.

We are consistently seeking established associates that want to enhance their value to their client base. By collaborating with AXG, you will position yourself as your clients’ one-stop shop for all their wealth management needs.

We are readily available for a no-commitment and confidential call (in English/Espanol) to discuss our firms’ synergies further.

Why Work with Us?

AXESA’s mark of distinction is its personalized approach to service. In Spanish or English – we speak your language. Our committed to excelling in the delivery of our solutions is anchored in our ethos.

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